• Issues

    The Sarasota-Charlotte Progressive Caucus is actively involved in:

    Protecting Public Education

    We support our teachers and focus on the real issues in Sarasota schools:
    • Declining Florida State revenue for schools
    • Increasing number of vouchers to private schools
    • Stagnating achievement gap, particularly affecting children of color
    • Addressing COVID trauma and other social-emotional issues

    Keeping Single-Member-District

    In the past we all voted for all commissioners. In 2018 The Single Member Districts referendum passed with 59.84% YES, vs. 40.16% NO. Voters decided that each district will elect its own commissioner. Now we have leverage.


    But it looks like we'll have to fight again for what voters already approved!

    The Green Transition

    What would it mean for the Suncoast region if billions of dollars were made available through the American Jobs Plan for climate-related infrastructure projects? A mass mobilization to meet the challenge of climate change, and the investment that comes with it, creates opportunity, jobs and thriving economies.

    Lift the U.S. embargo against Cuba

    The embargo against Cuba, initially instituted some sixty years ago, is one of the greatest failures of American foreign policy in modern history. The embargo deprives the Cuban people of resources, contributing to deteriorating infrastructure and poor access to food and basic needs. Simply put, it starves the island. This is injustice, this is cruelty, and we refuse to let it be done in our name.


    WATCH 8/25/21 recorded EVENT: Why the United States should lift the Cuba embargo