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    Our next Chapter meeting will be on Thursday, September 5
    Join us for a Pot Luck Supper at Turtle Beach on August 21

    Details will be posted under Events

  • About Us

    Sarasota-Charlotte Democratic Progressive Caucus, a Chapter of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida and Chartered by the Florida Democratic Party

    The Caucus meets on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. For the convenience of our geographically diverse membership, meetings are rotated among the Sarasota DEC, Charlotte DEC, and locations in Venice & North Port. Please check our Events page for meeting location.


  • Membership

    Membership in the Sarasota-Charlotte Democratic Progressive Caucus is available to all Registered Democrats in the State of Florida. The Sarasota-Charlotte Chapter Dues automatically include your enrollment as a member of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida. There are four dues categories as follows:

    Regular Membership - Provides membership with voting privileges in both the local Chapter and the State Caucus: $50/year
    Regular/Non-Voting - Provides voting local Chapter Membership and Non-Voting State Caucus Membership: $40/year

    Student - Provides voting membership in both local Chapter and State Caucus, proof of student status may be requested: $20/year

    Sustaining - Includes recognition on our web site and local Chapter and State Caucus voting privileges: $125/year


    If you separately pay your State Caucus dues you may pay only your local dues on this web site as well.

    Dues are payable January 1 for the Calendar Year. New members joining starting November 1 are considered paid through the end of the following year

    For additional membership information please fill out the form below. To join now go to Pay Dues Now.

  • Pay Dues Now

    Payment is due in January. Dues paid starting on November 1 are credited through the end of the following calendar year. To pay by mail of for payment questions contact our Treasurer, Heather Forte hforte18@gmail.com

    10.00 - 125.00
    Four Tiers of Membership are available, all include DPCF State Dues:

    Regular (Local, State Voting): $50/year
    Regular Local, State Non-Voting: $40/year
    Sustaining: (Includes State Voting): $125/year
    Student( Local, State) $20/year

    If you have separately paid your DPCF Dues then you may also pay only your Sarasota-Charlotte Chapter Dues here.
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  • Upcoming Events

    Membership Meetings are on the First Thursday of the Month - Locations vary

    Board Meeting, Last Thursday of the Month - Via Conference Call

    Potluck Supper At the Beach

    Wednesday, August 21 from 6:30-8:30pm at Turtle Beach, 8918 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota




    September Membership Meeting

    Thursday, September 5, 7pm
    Sarasota County Democratic Party Headquarters
    7358 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

    Meet Ron Feinsod, Candidate for Venice Mayor
    This is the only election in Sarasota County in 2019 and Ron is a great candidate with an excellent chance to win with our support.



  • Register To Vote

    You can now register to vote or change your registration online if you have a Florida Drivers License or Non-Driver ID! Just click on the Register bgutton below

  • Vote By Mail

    We encourage all Democrats to Vote By Mail because it is easy, it is Secure, it Guarantees that last minute unforeseen events do not prevent you from voting, it makes the Party's Get Out the Vote efforts more efficient. It is easy to Register to Vote by Mail.  Simply click on the seal below for your local Supervisor of Elections Office.

    Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections

    Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections

  • Formulario Para Votar Por Correo

  • Petitions to Sign

    You can effect change even when your government refuses to act by supporting ballot initiatives via Citizens Petitions. Please download, sign and mail these petitions.

    Florida Medicaid Expansion

    Download by clicking the image, sign and return and ask your friends to do the same. This is a 2 sided document. It must be printed as a 2 sided document and signed on the back to be valid.

    Raise the Florida Minimum Wage to $15/hr

    Download by clicking the image, sign and return and ask your friends to do the same. This initiative is being sponsored by John Morgan.

    Raise the Florida Minimum Wage to $15/hr

    Download by clicking the image, sign and return and ask your friends to do the same. This initiative is being sponsored by Ban Assault Weapons Now https://bawnfl.org/index.html

  • Bylaws

    Download the Bylaws of the Sarasota-Charlotte Democratic Progressive Caucus

  • Platform

    Download the Platform of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

  • Officers & Directors 

    President - Claire Snyder-Hall, Sarasota

    Vice-President - DeAnna Dowdle, Sarasota

    Treasurer - Heather Forte, Sarasota

    Secretary - Theresa Haas, Sarasota

    Director - Paul Anarumo, Port Charlotte

    Director - Don Diddams, Sarasota

    Director - Doreen Dupont, Longboat Key

    Director - Susan Kelly, Sarasota

    Director - Alisa Lannon, Venice

    Director - Pam McFadden, Sarasota

    Director - Mike Shlasko, Venice

  • Thank you to our 2019 Sustaining Members!

    Don Diddams

    Jim Dumphy
    Heather Forte

    Stephanie Harrison

    Patrick Hurley

    Susan Kelly

    Marilyn Magnes

    Emily Rizzo

    Andrea Shlasko


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